Could Security Contribute to Creativity?

Jessica Winkler - Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Millennials, the youngest generation to enter the workforce with a force, has been the fodder of much consternation for the older, more seasoned generations of Xers and Boomers. 

While this blog will not be able to even begin to address the complicated dynamics of Millennials’ unique impact on what can be an entrenched way of doing business, I had to share one thought. I was confounded when I read a recent study by Pew research that found that up to one third of 25-34 year-olds currently live with their parents. 

Years of “helicopter” parenting have left an impact. 

A positive by-product of parental hovering has given Millenials a strong sense of security—that they will be protected from any true malfeasance. Has this sense of security empowered many Millenials to think “bigger?” Millenials make up some of the most creative and innovative individuals I’ve ever met. Does creativity need a safe place to develop—a place where ideas can be voiced and cared for? 

What can those of other generations learn from our younger co-workers? How can we support this sense of security that encourages creativity, risk, and no-holds-barred thinking?

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