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Amanda Dreher - Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dr. Richard Caruso founded the Uncommon Individual Foundation in 1986 in an effort to pay forward the mentoring that was so important to him during his life. The Foundation encourages Open Mentoring in which individuals seek out as many different mentors as is necessary to reach their dreams. Dr. Caruso believes it is by striving for one’s dreams, and reaching those dreams that individuals can find personal happiness. He encourages people to become their own entrepreneurs, even when they are working for others.


Dr. Caruso has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit throughout his life and has 35 years of experience in the entrepreneurial field. The biggest recognition for Dr. Caruso’s efforts in entrepreneurship came in 2006 when he was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Dr. Caruso founded the Provco Group, which invests in entrepreneurial activities, in 1978. In 1989, Dr. Caruso founded Integra LifeSciences Corporation, which created a new branch of medicine known as regenerative medicine. His widespread business experience in both non-profits and for-profits gives Dr. Caruso unique insight into the importance of taking control of one’s life and career.


As Dr. Caruso says: “Everyone, even those who work for other people, need to become their own entrepreneur. It is only in self-discovery and understanding that people can release the uncommon individual within them.”


These principles can be applied in all aspects of life and in any economic climate. However, the obstacles created by tough economies can afford people opportunities they might not have explored otherwise. By fully understanding their own personal happiness, individuals are capable of making the most of those opportunities. This is the meaning behind Dr. Caruso’s favorite saying, “Become the entrepreneur of the enterprise of your life!”


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