What Will You Do Differently?

Jessica Winkler - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last night I was looking at my calendar that is beginning to fill up with black notations all over November and December. The holidays are purported to bring joy, and yet what I have found the last few years is that they fly by in a whirl of activities—my enjoyment often taking a second seat to the breakneck pace. I have decided I have to make things different this year, to make a conscious decision to let a few things go… to be still, relax and dream. Personal growth requires time to think, ponder, question, reason through, appreciate, value and prioritize. In other words, it requires some down time. There is no way around it. Remember, flying through life does not allow us to live life. Flying through the holidays leaves us feeling empty after a time that should fill our souls. Time is one thing we cannot manufacture more of, and is therefore our most valuable commodity. What will you do to slow down and smell the hot chocolate this holiday season?

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