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The MLT Team has created 8 interactive online courses to empower you to become more knowledgeable, confident, effective and impactful in your life and leadership.  Each course includes teaching videos, illustrations, visuals, interactive exercises, a 1 hour private coaching session and much more. Choose from the following 8 course offerings:

(times listed are for the courses, each coaching session is an additional 1 hour)


Books by Dr. Liz Selzer

In these 3 books, Dr. Liz Selzer uses wit, wisdom and insight to deliver her expertise in an entertaining and enlightening way. Her focus on turning the theoretical into the practical and possible will leave you ready and able to transform your life and leadership today.

Dr. Liz Selzer's new ebook:


Your Culture at its Strongest:

How to Create an Environment Where People Naturally Do Remarkable Things

3g Mentoring: A Relational Strategy for Working with Generational Distinctions, Global Diversity, Gender


A proven strategy for raising productivity through relational Mentoring in the workplace. Dr. Selzer has created a strategy for every Employer and Employee to leverage today's conflicts of Generational Distinctions, Global Diversity and Gender Differences into synergies that promote a dynamic, engaged workforce. This book could change your disconnected, unmotivated staff into a mentoring culture where people are valued, become lifelong learners and contribute to your organization's bottom-line.

Real Leaders: The Power of Authentic Leadership


This book describes steps for discovering your strengths and abilities to maximize your leadership, focusing on authentic passion and vision to fuel your leadership, understanding that diversity in your team is critical to maximize your team’s effectiveness, promoting authentic conflict management to make your team more effective and innovative, and empowering through purpose so those you lead will be more engaged and productive.



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