What We Do

At MLT you are not getting the tired one-size fits all approach or the program limited by the boundaries of the software. At MLT we can help you truly create a creative, innovative, customized initiative to fit your organization.

What makes us different?

  • We provide validated mentoring advisory services, resources, curriculum, program creation and program management.
  • Our thought leaders hold a unique combination of Doctorate level degrees, industry experience and skills sets which elevate our offerings.
  • We trained on 6 continents making us truly global.
  • Mentoring is our passion and our focus.
  • We are truly vendor neutral and can work with any system or structure.
  • We have unique experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.


Strategic Advisory Services

Whether you are just starting to think about and design a mentoring program or need to recalibrate an existing program, we can help!


MLT is dedicated to providing you the best in customized strategies. Every organization is unique, that is why we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know how important it is for your organization’s purpose, values, culture and goals to shape the programs and training we design. To ensure we provide you with the innovative solutions you need, we begin all of our contracts with a deep-dive to assess your specific needs, challenges, and unique opportunities. Developing the right strategy lays the foundation for a successful initiative.


Whether you have a specific area in mind or you need to start from the beginning and work through the process for overall increased employee engagement, we have the real-world experience to help you succeed. When you hire Mentor Leadership Team, you hire a team that will work passionately and vigorously to help you unleash the potential of your people.


Program Development and Management

Let us bring our passion and expertise in mentoring to the development and/or management of your initiatives so you can focus on your full-time job. Our approach can work with any software, is specifically tailored to your organization and can include roll-out, enrollment, matching and communication.


Whether you hire MLT to manage your current mentoring structure or to help you create a new mentoring program from the ground up, you can expect the highest standards as we work with you through the process. Our personalized approach will include the following:

  • An initial consultation where we assess your current needs and define organizational goals
  • Development of a program structure that includes design of the mentor/mentee pairing process and the creation of an ongoing support system
  • Customized training for mentors and mentees that covers several areas such as the organization’s goals, why mentoring is important and practical skill training
  • Implementation and facilitation of the pairing process and support system
  • A program evaluation and follow-up consultation to ensure you are set-up with the unique tools you need to achieve your goals


Curriculum and Content Creation

Mentor Leadership Team understands that learning must be an ongoing process. As the saying goes, “it is a journey, not a destination.”  With that in mind we prioritize the creation of fresh, innovative content for use in both the everyday and in our trainings and initiatives. In fact, many of our resources can be found right here on MentorLeadershipTeam.com. These include articles, blogs, videos, radio shows, books, courseware, and more. Our goal is to develop entertaining, informative and challenging resources that will encourage the learner to own the learning process and make real life changes that will make critical differences both professionally and personally.



Whether a part of a customized mentoring program or a one-time topic specific training, MLT has experienced thought leaders available to train your people on a variety of topics. We offer half-day and full-day training sessions on-site or off-site. For clients who are interested in multiple sessions we also offer ongoing regular training to fit your needs. If your goals call for a more remote training, we offer these same options as webinars. In all formats, these trainings are interactive, informative and transformative. Each is designed so that the participant walks away with memorable information and a plan to implement it immediately. Let us help you create a training program that is right for your organization.



Our thought leaders share practical ways to address workplace challenges through tested expertise, engaging stories, real-life examples, light-hearted humor and an accessibility that comes from our authentic desire to transform people and organizations. Our clients include businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, academic institutions and churches. We consistently receives repeat bookings and is regularly given excellent ratings by attendees.


Whether you are looking to create a dynamic mentoring culture, develop authentic leaders, equip synergistic teams, or are seeking an insightful, educational and engaging keynote speaker for your group, Mentor Leadership Team can help.


Some of the speaking topics offered are:



  • A True Learning Culture: How Mentoring Initiatives Will Impact Your Bottom Line
  • Mentoring For True Impact: The 5 Critical Skills
  • The Vibrant 6: Mentoring Relationships that Will Transform Your Leadership
  • Not Your Mamma's Mentoring: Groups, Peer and Reverse Mentoring



  • Authentic Leaders Win: The Power of Being Real
  • Your Culture at its Strongest: How to Create an Environment where People Naturally Do Remarkable Things
  • Enjoy the Tide: How to Get Everyone on Board through Change
  • The Reviews Are In: Giving Feedback that Sticks
  • Keeping the Employees You Want: Talent Retention Strategies


Team work/ Diversity:

  • Dynamic Team Shaping: Embracing Differences for Vibrant Synergy
  • Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Making Conflict Work for You
  • He Did What? Making Diversity a Catalyst to Engagement and Innovation
  • Working across Generations: Moving from Irritation to Appreciation
  • Dancing with the 3G's: Coordinating Generational Distinctions, Global Diversity and Gender Differences for Success


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