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Liz Selzer, PhD, MA, MDiv




Liz founded Mentor Leadership Team because she understands the value of people. When people are valued because of their unique qualities and given the skills they need to excel, organizations soar.



Amanda Dreher, Esq.




When Amanda met Liz in early 2008, they began dreaming of what would one day be Mentor Leadership Team. From day one, Amanda has been the creative mind behind MLT’s resources.

Our Story

The Mentor Leadership Team

Our mission, as a global leader in strategic mentoring initiatives, is to unlock the potential in individuals and help organizations transform the workplace. We now have cultivated years of experience working with clients world wide to craft vendor-neutral, innovative approaches to mentoring that are created by key thought leaders in the industry and customized to propel their organizations toward their goals.


The dream that would lead to the founding of MLT in 2010 came from Dr. Liz Selzer’s passion for mentoring and leadership development. Although at the time she was already using her expertise in these areas through several organizations, Dr. Selzer dreamed there might be a way that she could help even more organizations.


Dr. Selzer was inspired to launch her own company focused on promoting dynamic mentoring cultures including encouragement for leadership development, which she called Mentor Leadership Team (MLT). Driven by the idea that this type of learning inspires personal and professional growth, Dr. Selzer and MLT megan working to help individuals and organizations capitalize on their experiences and skills, to take hold of all the learning opportunities and resources surrounding them, and to make significant contributions to their communities and their world.


Now, eight years after the formation of MLT, we are still working to effect real change in individuals and in organizations. With a common vision and the incredible breadth of knowledge and experience in the mentoring arena held by the visionaries behind MLT, we have an extraordinary opportunity to supercharge mentoring efforts nationally and globally. The future is bright as we move forward to impact people’s lives in a positive, transformative way.

Mentor Leadership Team


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